As much as I want to steal the credit from everyone else's hard work and act like I do everything around here, the fact is it takes a few people to make this resource complete. In addition to our wonderful panel of selfless guest authors, here is a short bio of some of the team who regularly contributes their talents and knowledge to Dance, Work, Balance.

Austin Lim Dance Work Balance Founder

Austin Lim - Founder and lead author

Neuroscientist and professional dancer / instructor Austin Lim built this website to encourage others to continue pursuing their artistic passions while working towards achieving their professional goals. His hobbies include digital art, gaming, and selective pescatarianism. His degree in political science from Northwestern University is currently collecting dust. 








Anton Galang - Contributing Editor

Anton Galang is a full-time dad and freelance writer/editor. He studied journalism at Northwestern University, where he made valiant attempts at Filipino cultural dancing alongside Dance, Work, Balance's Austin Lim. That was, sadly, the extent of his dance career.