Next stop, Twin Cities

This weekend, the "Finding your Balance" tour is coming to a Filipino American conference near you! (If you are near Minneapolis-Saint Paul!)

I actually have a very good reason for heading up to the Twin Cities for the weekend. My virgin exposure to the city was overall positive, but by no means would I call it relaxing - I was invited there for a grad school interview for their Neuroscience PhD program several years back.

Any pleasure or excitement derived from visiting new cities and exploring the world is dampened by the knowledge that we are being surveilled for our flaws, social missteps, or scientific incompetencies. An Orwellian overseeing of our stay subconsciously alters our experience of the city. Small nagging thoughts like "Did I answer his question thoroughly?" or "If this faculty member gets any more drunk, he's not going to remember how good I was." infiltrate our minds, and paints the city in the light of nervousness rather than wanderlusting exploration. 

The interview process is stressful, but the generous perks do a good job to offset the nerves. Truth is, many biological science interviewees are treated like members of the royal court of some far away kingdom. They bring us the best food in the city, and feed us alcohol like a goose being fattened for foie gras harvest. They spare no expense at the recruitment process, from air transportation to lodging and, of course, food.

But still, the process is exhausting. For those of us not used to this jetset lifestyle, packing and unpacking every weekend is a challenge. But, for those who are me, the inevitable result of this kind of travel schedule is to simply live out of my luggage for two months in a row. No shame in my game. 

I'm very excited to explore Minneapolis and to share inspiration and choreography with the hundreds of Filipinos in attendance of the annual Midwest Fil-Am Summit this year. Also, my plans are to visit a dance company based in the Twin Cities, Elite Family. Catch me on twitter, and tag me some recommendations for places to visit while I'm there!