More apologies - what is it this time??

Hey friends, colleagues, followers, Pokemon with internet access, frenemies, and other.

As I alluded to previously, there have been some major changes in my personal living situation. I promised more articles to follow soon, but I've been hit by a Chicago-summer driven inspiration to go outside and enjoy every minute of the 3 months of glorious weather that we get. On the bad side however, these summer nights have been interspersed with major setbacks.

Because of all the construction going on at my place, in order to accomodate the area being worked on, I've had to move my computer and workstation around no less than 5 times - the least glamorous of which being when I sat on the floor, straddling my office chair which served as a tiny ineffectual desk for my monitor, cradling the keyboard in my lap while my wrist hyper extended unnaturally to manipulate the mouse resting on the floor.

As it turns out, the repeated jostling of my half decade-old computer eventually caused a total loss of data, despite the noble attempts of my IT support friends. And while this was a huge bummer, at least my computer was working. In fact, in addition to erasing all my raw dance video footage, mp3s, my art files, and half-page starts of various books I had planned to finish by "the end of the year," the factory reset purged my computer of all malware, viruses, and other bloatware. It was running along faster than it ever had in recent memory.

So one day I boot up the computer. You know that feeling when you think you lost your cellphone, but it turns out it's just in your hand? But you still have that 10 seconds of pure unadulterated terror before you realize you have nothing to worry about? 

Yea, that didn't happen to me. I got the screen of death. Computer goes kaput. No more nothing. Total hard drive failure.

I hold myself to a really high standard. As I am typing this post from my undersized tablet/laptop hybrid that doesn't function well as either, I have already resigned myself to the fact that there will be a few low quality posts in the meantime, at least until an actual computer materializes before me.

And although I got the old computer for free as part of an educational grant that I was awarded, the next computer I buy is gonna cost me at least a few dollars. If you want to help DanceWorkBalance but don't have the dollars to throw at me, consider doing your Amazon shopping through my affiliate link. Anything purchased through this link won't cost you anything extra, but Amazon will generously give me a fraction of what you spend. Remember to simply bookmark my Amazon link to keep supporting me in the future with your purchases.